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Another of our adorable boys finds a home for the holidays!  Squirt has landed in a piece of heaven and is busy taking advantage of his new family.  You can see in the photo that he has a tough life!

His new parents write: 

~~Rough life here with us already gained weight and filled out:)~~

Thank you so much for loving a kitten who will have a better life because of you!




We are very fortunate to have updates from "Beardieville" where four of our cats were adopted into a family with four Bearded Collies!  In the photo, you see three of the four: Tristan, Trinnie, and Frankie (Fauna). Amongst other things we were told, came information of how Christmas preparations have changed this year:

~~We're putting out some xmas decor today and have re-thought our usual set up now that the 4 cats are here. For example, we used to have a big red bowl filled with ornaments on the table. Not this year! We can see Trinnie just swatting them out of the bowl crashing on the floor one-by-one.~~

What a wonderful home!


Forrest and Fauna (now Frankie) found a WONDERFUL forever home with Carolee and Michael on September 14, 2013.  As they meld into their new home and family, we receive reports and much anticipated photos.

The following is an excerpt from a recent email:

" Finally! We have kittens in the sink! Pics attached. They're not drinking from the faucet yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time if they choose…


Another milestone----kittens sleeping with mom and dad! A couple nights ago, I was visited by Forrest for a few hours. He's such a cuddlebug. I loved it. The next night he slept with Michael curled up under his chin rubbing against his beard. The next night I had both Frankie and Forrest sleeping with me most of the night. They didn't care that I already had 3 dogs in the bed with me! In fact, a couple of the dogs got up and left when the cats came! "

Keep the great news coming!!

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