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  Search Successes

Harley needed a new home - his owners didn't have time for him any longer and realized the best option is to find him a home where he will be spoiled.  We had an application for a dog that was going to be adopted, so I shared Harley's information with Christen - it was a Purr-fect Match!  Harley went to his new home and is doing wonderfully!  Thank you Christen for giving Harley a new lease on life!  







Findlay - PFM received an email from a woman that had a kitty wander into her yard. The kitty was pretty beat up - he was obviously in a fight.  She took the kitty inside, cleaned him up, gave him a meal and realized that he didn't have front claws! This poor kitty had not way to defend himself.  She set up an "apartment" for him inside her garage and attempted to find his original owners.  That didn't bring much success.  Findlay was happy to live in his apartment, but the owner was leaving for a trip and if she didn't find him a home, he would have to go to a shelter.  The day before they were scheduled to leave, a PFM board member received an inquiry about a declawed cat ! Could this be a Purr-fect match for Findlay?  The potential adopter met Findlay and it was love at first sight!  Findlay went to his own room to get acquainted, but that didn't last long! Findlay wanted to be part of the family - even if there was a small dog he had to share with !  Findlay - now Winston - is living happily ever after! Thank you to Becky and Kayla for making this a matchmaking success!











Kiki was in need of a new home.  She was rescued from a shelter that didn't have enough room for her, so her life was at risk.  She lived in a home with many other cats and that wasn't to her liking, but she endured. She knew it was better than a cage.  Kiki also had some quirky issues - such as that when she adapted to her space, her things should not be moved!  She wasn't a big fan of change!  Her foster set up her space in the lower level of her home so she could adjust and then moved her bed and box to the first floor. Well, that was not the way Kiki wanted it !  She was unhappy and would not come back upstairs.  The foster moved her things back and Kiki became a happy girl again! The foster felt Kiki would adjust to her new home, but after a couple of months, it was evident that she needed to be in a home as an only kitty.  Ideal home would be quiet with adults.  The foster knew it could be awhile, but contacted Purr-fect Match to help network Kiki.

Purr-fect Match was holding a mobile adoption event at Petsmart when a woman walked up asking if we had any declawed cats for adoption.  PFM does not condone declawing so unless it is a surrendered cat, most of our cats have intact claws.  However, the volunteer at Petsmart remembered about Kiki - who was declawed..  The two began talking and it seemed like a purrfect home for both Kiki and the woman.

Kiki's owner and the woman met and it was a match!  Kiki is now in her forever home living the life of a single cat.  The adopter is happy to have saved a life and give Kiki the type of home she needed.


Thanks to Purr-fect Match and networking, we are able to keep an animal out of the shelters and into a home.