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Thinking about fostering?

To become a foster parent for dogs or cats, go through the following steps:

1)  Fill out a dog or cat adoption application, but write "Foster Home" where it asks for the animal's name.

2) A Purr-Fect Match representative will contact you before we begin the approval process and again once it has been completed. We will do a home visit after your application has been approved in order to determine if your home is a good fit for any of our current adoptables.

3) Upon acceptance as a foster home, you will be asked to sign a foster contract.

What are my responsibilities?

Since PFM is a foster-based rescue, we do not have a central facility. Because of that, any animal you foster is considered your temporary property. It is up to you to treat it humanely, get a license if one is required (for longer-term fosters), and to treat it like you would any of your own. You have final say-so on which applicant may adopt your foster animal. The flip side to that is that since it is your animal, you shoulder the liabilities of that animal. If it tears up your favorite chair, oh well, poor chair! You will need to make certain you have insurance that covers all liability for the animal. PFM does not have liability insurance because it cannot guarantee something that happens with your foster animal since it is in your possession.

What is the role of Purr-Fect Match?

PFM is basically allowing you to rescue an animal by providing:

1) Agreed upon medical care, medications, etc. as long as you are current with your responsibilities.

2) An online presence that reaches many people looking for an animal to adopt. As long as you supply current photos and keep bios up to date, the chances of finding a wonderful home for your foster animal is greatly enhanced.

3) Application approval process to be as certain as possible that all adoption applications are viable and that the people who want to adopt will provide a good home.

4) Supplying food, litter, etc. when it is donated. Otherwise, you will need to be able to supply your own unless there is great need.


Foster Contract (sample):